IRCWorld IRC Network will link with servers which comply with the following requirements:

• Server must use IRCWorld IRC Network’s IRCD (currently Charybdis IRCD)
• Server must be online and operational 24/7
• Server staff must consist up to one Server Administrator, one Co-Administrator and
two IRC Operators. These limitations are negotiable
• Server Administrator must have 24/7 access to the server configuration
• Server’s Internet connection must be at least 1024 kb/s (sync)
• Server’s hardware must be powerful enough to support large capacities of network clients

All servers must use a unique name in format.
All servers must display the IRCWorld IRC Network’s MOTD (Message of the Day).
All servers must display the users a correct contact information.

Linking requests can be sent to linking|at|

All linking requests will be processed by at least 3 IRCWorld administrators. Processing time limit is 2 weeks. After the processing, an explanatory e-mail with the administrators decision will be sent to the person who applied  for a link.

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