Session Limit

Session Limit is to prevent cloning on IRCWorld IRC Network. When you see a “Excessive clones” (kill) message, it means that more than 3 connections from (your) one host are being made to the IRCWorld IRC Network servers. Since our network does’nt allow cloning, you are being disconnected if you make more than 3 simultaneous connections from your unique host.
If you are using a NAT firewall or other type of IP masquerading or Internet connection sharing then the Sessionl Limit exemption can be made. Session limit exemption are made by the IRCWorld
IRC Network Staff. Contact an oper or e-mail staff|at| to request a Session limit exemption. Please be advised that a good reason is required to get an Session limit exemption. For an example – The Session limit exemption cannot be granted to users with dynamic IP addresses. Sorry.

Warning! Please do not hammer if you get an “Session limit exceeded”
message or you will be automatically banned from the network!

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