DNSBL check

IRCWorld is running blacklist detector to prevent clients from misconfigured or infected hosts from connecting to our network.

The machine on your host has an insecure proxy, or could possibly be infected with a virus or trojan or it is/was used for spamming, denial of service attack or other kind of abuse.

You should check all of the running services on the machine and make sure that they are either properly firewalled or have working access control lists.

In case of spamming or denial of service attacks and other kind of abuse, you should contact your internet service provider to settle this matter.

If everything checks ok, and you are running any Windows operating system, verify that you are using an antivirus program to make sure you have not been backdoored.

More information about open proxies is available here.

For more information you can also e-mail staff|at|ircworld.org

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